Season 5 | épisode 2

During the second episode of season 5 of the podcast [Annexes], presented by the Hypothèses association, by and for art history and museology students from the four Montreal universities, Franck Calard (PhD, UdeM) and Yonger Xie (Master, McGill) discuss with the co-hosts Valentine Desmorat and Timmy Chandler (PhD, Concordia) the interweaving of materials, know-how, customs and cultures within and around the craft objects that make up their respective bodies of work.

Franck Calard’s research focuses on local production and imports of religious glassware from the mid-19th to the first quarter of the 20th century, and on master glassmakers active in Quebec, Canada and abroad. Yonger Xie studies the art and visual culture of Middle-Period China, around 9th to 14th century, and is more specifically interested in the recurring flower-shaped, lobed ornementation between silverware, ceramicware and lacquerware.

We were also pleased to welcome Cheryl Sim, the Fondation PHI Director and Curator at the Centre PHI, who joins the team at the end of the episode for a few minutes of Q&A!

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